Richard J Foster



Richard J Foster was born in Nantwich Cheshire. One of five brothers, he now lives in Kingston Upon Hull. He left school at age fifteen and began to serve his apprenticeship as a toolmaker. He gave up his job before he finished serving his time and took a job on the river. He left this job to join the Merchant Navy and sailed the world until he met his wife Margaret.

Several jobs followed until he returned to engineering as an inspector. He is now retired and enjoys gardening, which mostly consists of growing vegetables in raised beds and tending his large greenhouse. Other hobbies are playing the guitar, dabbling in home recording and Ham radio, (call sign G0WEA). He started writing some years ago but gave it up when he was unable to find a suitable publisher. He decided to take up writing again when his brother Robert urged him to drag his manuscripts off the shelf, dust them down, re-write them and submit them for publishing via the Amazon Kindle, (e-books) and CreateSpace, (paperback) outlets. If you ask him about his writing, he will tell you, ‘I am not a writer, I am a story teller. My brief brush with academia did not provide me with enough expertise to be a writer of any note.

I jot down my stories, keeping them simple, and send them to be edited. I am lucky enough to have found the perfect person to undertake the thankless task of moulding my scribbles into something readable. That person is Karen Perkins, author and proprietor of Lionheart Publishing. Karen has proved to be the soul of patience, gently guiding me through all the processes necessary to produce a lot from a little. Thank you Karen.’

‘To anyone who decides to read my stories, I hope they will take you away from your everyday lives, and allow you to escape to another place, if only for a brief moment in time. Thank you.’


The Birds of Destiny Cover

The Birds of Destiny

‘I wonder if, on your travels, you have ever heard of the Birds of Destiny?’ he asked in a voice lowered almost to a whisper. John shook his head. ‘No, never,’ he replied adamantly. ‘Well these are those very birds. They are centuries old, and many lives have been lost by the greed of men wishing to take them to use their powers for the wrong reasons. Allow me to show you something no man save myself has seen for many years. These are the Birds of Destiny. Once I put them in position it is imperative you obey the rules I explained earlier. Mark what I say, for you know the consequences. We are not playing a game. I am the Keeper of the Birds, yet even I could not save you in the event you do something foolish.’

Caribbean Love Affair Cover

Caribbean Love Affair

In the early part of the eighteenth century, two ships sailed the waters of the Caribbean. The first, an English merchant ship, left Kingston Jamaica, fully laden and bound for her home port in England. On this voyage she carried two passengers. The first, Eleanor Simpson Forbes, seventeen years old, blonde haired, medium height, slender and beautiful, was an only child. Her father was Sir Benjamin Simpson Forbes, aide to Sir Francis Black, governor of Jamaica. Her mother was Lady Caroline Simpson Forbes, a stunningly beautiful English rose. The second passenger, Margaret Stewart, born of good Scottish stock, joined the Forbes’ as governess to Eleanor. She is travelling with her charge in her new position as companion.The second ship, a French first order frigate, now in the hands of a murderous horde of escaped prisoners, led by a cold blooded half caste called Paul Duval, is engaged in acts of piracy. On board the pirate vessel is a young English sailor, Peter Bennet, an unwilling member of the crew, released from prison when Duval led the daring escape and subsequent capture of the frigate. Just turned eighteen, tall, strong, with dark brown hair, and a ruddy complexion, Bennet has no choice but to accept the situation. Will fate bring these two vessels together? If it does, what does the future hold for all on board each vessel?

Loner Cover


‘You've been killing people again, Tom, haven't you?’

So says Charlotte, Thomas's sister and only surviving family. When terrorists invade her home at gunpoint, they have no idea what they are about to unleash.

Thomas Logan-Savage is an ex-MI5 officer. Highly skilled with firearms and knives, he is an expert in many forms of martial art and a ruthless killer if his life – or that of any of the people he cares about – is threatened.

Thomas Logan-Savage is an enigma; he is THE LONER.

Chinese Sensei Chongkun, owner of a Dojo in Hong Kong. His parting words to his pupil Thomas Logan-Savage.

If ever a situation arises where you can do nothing, do nothing.
Relax your body and allow your strength to build.
Keep your mind alert for that split second when opportunity presents itself.
You will know when it is time to act.
That is the time to use the skills I have taught you.
You are no longer just a man.
Now you are a weapon.

Loner 2 Cover


Thomas slid a round in the rifle breech and eased the bolt shut. He removed the lens caps from the scope and adopted the sniper's prone position. Left leg extended, right leg slightly bent, arms supported on his elbows. He brought the rifle to his shoulder, tucking the butt next to his cheek and peered through the scope's Mil-DOT reticle at a spot some ten yards beyond his target, where earlier he had tied a brightly coloured ribbon to the lower branch of a young sapling. The ribbon hung motionless, confirming the reading on the WV meter. He brought the rifle down slowly, lining the cross-hairs on Sayyid's head before traversing down past his throat and onto his chest where he held it rock steady. He flicked the safety off and gently touched the trigger; breathed in slowly; held his breath and squeezed smoothly until the rifle kicked back. Milli-seconds later, Mushtaq Sayyid's mutilated body shook like a rag doll from the massive trauma and he dropped down in front of his audience. He died instantly.